Membership Application and Qualification Procedure

Since Billion Dollar Law Firms was founded in 2023, membership has been based upon strict and objective standards. Each applicant is required to complete a detailed application demonstrating that they have met the basic qualification of having earned at least one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients. The one billion dollar amount must come from cases that resulted in final judgments (not subject to appeal or modification), awards or settlements in favor of their clients which equal or exceed one billion dollars.

Membership invitations are sent only to attorneys who objectively appear to be qualified, including those whose names are proposed for membership from the report of a large case or upon nomination by a current member. Other qualified attorneys may apply for membership.

Applicants certify, as members of the Bar, that the information contained in the application is true. It is the policy of Billion Dollar Law Firms that any false statement of a material fact in the application would represent an attempt by an applicant to hold himself or herself out as possessing experience and qualifications which were not truthful and accurate and, as such, would constitute a serious act of professional misconduct which would warrant disciplinary action by the Bar.

Each application is reviewed by experienced counsel. Additional or supporting information may be required, and applicants who do not clearly qualify are denied membership. If membership is denied, the application fee paid by the applicant will be refunded.

If approved for membership, an email notification is sent to the new member advising of such approval and that the member may proceed to hold himself or herself out as a member in any manner consistent with rules of professional conduct applicable in the jurisdiction(s) in which the member practices (including use of the membership logos available on this website). Within several weeks thereafter, a certificate of membership will be emailed to the new member, along with logo files for usage.

There is a one-time fee for application, certification and membership. Upon approval and receipt of payment, members may thereafter hold themselves out as members, in any manner consistent with rules of professional conduct applicable in the jurisdiction(s) in which the member practices, for so long as he or she remains a member in good standing of the Bar.  There are no further or annual dues or fees to maintain membership.


Essential qualifications are stated in the Membership Applications as follows: 

  1. Applicant must be a current member of the Bar in good standing.
  1. Applicant must own or be in a leadership role in a law firm which has garnered at least one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.
  1. Whether by trial, arbitration or settlement, if the award was by periodic payments or structured settlement, the billion dollar amount must apply to the economic present value of the awards, not the overall payout amount.
  1. Applicants must provide adequate case information to allow for verification. In most cases, certification will proceed upon the declarations of the applicant attorney. It is understood that there are confidential settlements which do not allow for case identification. In such cases, the applicant may provide a general description of the case, certifying such description as true.